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Camelot Association of Young People with Impaired Mobility

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  • Our association has been created
    with the aim of making the life easier for persons who became physically handicapped due to an accident or a disease, and they have to absorb the radical and permanent changes happening in their ways of life; promoting the social integration of physically handicapped persons; organizing free time and sporting activities for them; helping their learning and working ambitions.

    In spring 2002 the idea of bringing together young persons came up in a circle of friends of ambitious physically handicapped youngsters in their twenties and thirties. We were lead by the recognition that we knew quite a few fellows who spent their time being bored at home, not having any aims in the lack of opportunity. Our idea was to organize meetings and trips, just to prove for them that we are also able to be useful members of the society.

    The news spread in a fast way, so more and more persons joined our team. We would barbecue at the bank of the Danube or we had an ice cream together, having some conversation. During these conversations we were getting to know each other and our common problems. It turned out that we are in the need of sharing our experience and information.

    We have been ideas and plans. We needed an unhindered place, where we are able to get in, and some office equipment for achieving these.

    We also admitted that we need financial support for realizing our projects, so we have to make applications. The format of an association seemed to be suitable for that purpose.

    Györgyi Báthy Andrásné, the secretary of the Western Transdanubian region of the Hungarian Maltese Charity Service, supported us from the very first moment and offered us an office, from where we are able to arrange our business. This office is still the headquarters of our association; we can meet with our members here on a weekly basis, so we can meet wintertime as well.

    Around forty young persons take part in our programs or ask for some help from us. Our activities are done by our members in volunteering; everybody uses his or her own abilities and knowledge in the tasks. We are very proud of the fact that most of our members are learning or working. The majority of members are between 23 and 27 years of age.


    Translated by Barnabas Nagy

    Camelot Association of Young People with Impaired Mobility